Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis.

Afghanistan is in desperate need of your help, no matter how little you can spare.

After 20 years of war following the US/Western invasion of Afghanistan the people of Afghanistan are in trouble. As in any conflict, those who suffer most are the children who have been orphaned and women who have been widowed. On top of this, droughts followed by floods have destroyed crops, and famine looms over Afghanistan. There is no work, living costs are ridiculously high, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

The Afghan people, especially its orphans and widows, need our help.

US forces abruptly withdrew from Afghanistan in August of 2021, leaving behind them a trail of chaos and corruption; private banks collapsed, companies pulled out, and thousands of public and private employees were left without salaries. The US-installed president, Ashram Ghani, fled the country allegedly taking with him four cars and a helicopter crammed full of stolen money – the money of the Afghan people.

Afghan Orphans - a product of two decades of war
Afghan children, orphaned by war

We are experiencing a global crisis, with the cost of living rising everywhere, climate change, and it all accelerated at Afghanistan’s most vulnerable point in history with famine and a healthcare crisis across the world’s poorest country. Afghan children desperately need their basic needs met – food, medicine, and shelter. This winter will be one of the harshest for these children and widows who have nobody else to care for them.

An Afghan widow receives money for food from one of our brothers
A brother from Afghan Orphans helping a widow in Southern Afghanistan

With the help of generous people, we are able to help the people of Afghanistan directly. We are a small grassroots team – not a multi-nation company paying staff. Every donation we receive goes straight to Afghan people with transparency.

Please consider donating today. If you would like to pay by Western Union or bank transfer, please contact us. Thank you.

No child should go hungry or risk serious illness by eating from bins.