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Flood Emergency Afghanistan

Our assessment team went to the Surobi area in order to undertake a needs assessment following the recent heavy rain and resultant floods. Emergency help is required for the affected area. Whole families have been lost. Some of those affected have lost members of their family. Food, livestock, land utilised for crops has been lost. There is therefore an urgent need for food and basic requirements for affected people.

Current Status:
In Husain Khel village 150 families affected by the floods. 3 families have been completely lost. 35 families from this village have been made homeless. 100 people are still missing from the village.

We still don’t know the total impact as yet. In total 300 houses have been destroyed just in the Surobi area. They need emergency help now.

Government has provided temporary shelter and sanitation. They need food, blankets, clothes, cooking equipment etc.

Our Afghan Emergency Flood Pack costs £150 and provides the following:

  • 7kg Rice
  • 21kg Flour
  • 7 kg beans and lentils
  • 7kg sugar
  • 5 litres of cooking oil
  • 1 gas cylinder
  • 1 water container
  • 1 small cooker
  • Pans and pots
  • 2 large blankets
  • Clothing for 5 people

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Case Study: Wali Muhammad's story

Wali Muhammad lost 14 members of his family. To date bodies of 8 of his family members have been found. Search is underway for the remaining members of his family. He himself was swept away and was found 6 kilometres away.

He has lost all his family apart from his mother and brother who happened to be visiting relatives elsewhere. He is very emotional and is finding it difficult to speak. One of his sisters and her children were visiting him at the time and they have all been lost. Also his brothers family and children have been lost. Also he has lost all his own children aswell. His house was swept away. He has literally nothing apart from the clothes on his back.

Click here to Donate a emergency Flood Pack for £150 online Or call 0121 448 9360

Wali Muhammad’s village stood here. His house was next to the tree that can be seen.

Entire families affected by devastating floods.

Flooding has destroyed homes which in this area