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Rebuilding Lives

The devastation of war and famine has pushed many in Afghan society into a cycle of perpetual poverty and destruction. Lack of education in the long term leads to destruction of institutions thereby leading to further poverty, hunger and scarce resources. We have three main projects aimed at helping those devastated by war to rebuild their lives:

Orphanage Project
This project is aimed at helping street children to move to our orphanage and grow up in a safe, secure, nurturing environment where they can educate and develop intellectually. Our hope is that these children will grow up to be positive proactive individuals who can rebuild their society.

Orphan Sponsorship
Our orphan sponsorship focuses the child on education. The deal is that with your help we provide all basic necessities in food, clothing, shelter and healthcare costs and the child on their side must attend school on a regular basis. We receive annual school reports for each of the children we help. There are an estimated 2 million orphans in Afghanistan. Help us to help them. view details

Widows Training Programme
We are in the early stages of developing a training programme that enables widows to earn an income. The main focus of this will be to provide training for jobs such sewing clothes and then to provide a sewing machine. Watch this space for news on this project soon