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The most vulnerable group in any disaster zone or war zone is children. In particular the highest risk is for those children who have no father. There are an estimated 2 million orphans in Afghanistan. Orphans have a high vulnerability to sexual abuse, forced prostitution and financial exploitation due to not having the basic means of survival. Children in Afghanistan suffer from chronic malnutrition and widespread occurrence of micro-nutrient deficiency. In fact 1 in 10 children die before reaching the age of 5 years. Those orphans who survive the early years are then forced by circumstance to work from the age of 6 or 7 in order to provide for themselves and their siblings. These children miss out on their education and on their childhoods. Lack of a normal childhood and no education feeds into a vicious cycle of underdevelopment and poverty.

Our orphans sponsorship programme will support an orphan with all of their basic necessities. Our condition for the orphan sponsorship is that the child must attend school on a regular basis. Where not all orphans from one family have been sponsored we top up the sponsorship from our general fund to ensure adequate food supply for the whole family. We currently support over 500 orphans in this way and many more are on the waiting list.

Our vision is to help these orphans to have a normal childhood along with good education allowing them to flourish as an educated and focused generation. By caring for the orphans, we take arguably the ‘lowest’ of the youth and raise them into the future leaders of the nation. Many of these children have no other viable route for a hopeful future.

£240 provides all food, clothing and shelter for a year for one child. We ensure that all children under our care go to school and get an education. Donate now to our orphans fund.