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Orphange Project

We believe that all children should have access to the opportunities that will allow them to flourish in life. Many orphans in Afghanistan are vulnerable to sexual violence, exploitation, abuse and the illegal organ trade. Many children start work from a young age and therefore receive no education which in the longterm results in even greater problems for society. Our orphanage project aims to provide a safe and secure environment for homeless orphans to allow them to learn, develop and flourish.

The orphanage will be based in a compound  on 0.98 acres of land that includes a school, a prayer hall, a playground/sports area, heated and airconditioned living quarters, and a secure basement in case of war. The compound will be split into 2 main wings. There will be a wing for boys and a wing for girls. Each wing will consist of accommodation, playground, school (15 classrooms and workshops), a prayer area, a first aid area, and a food area.

A pump operated tube well will supply the compound with clean water for consumption and bathing. Solar panels will utilise a natural supply of electricity to the compound.
Our intention is to support the children in our orphanage to grow up to be intelligent, moral and productive members of society.