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Donate generously and make a regular payment and sponsor an orphan today for £20 per month

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Feed a Widow

Feed a widow now

Help to feed a widow and her children by donating every month a small amount of £50

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Emergency Aid Fund

Donate to the emergency aid fund now

Make regular payments to our Emergency Aid Fund to provide support where and when required

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Drinking Water Project

Donate to the drinking water project now

You can sponsor a hand pumped water well. The cost varies depending on the type of ground click to view options.

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Donate Most Needy

Donate to the most needy now

Make a donation and support the most needy, your donations will help those who are in need right now.

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Zakah Donation

Pay your Zakah

Donate your Zakah to Afghan Orphans and make a massive difference to people who are in no doubt of great need.

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